• Choose which program you would like to book
  • Download the booking form below


  • Request your preferred date and times
  • Have it co-signed by your Principal or Deputy


  • Email the form to us at:
  • Give us a call on 02 8999 8010 or 1300 900 658.

Please bear in mind that the date/s you request may not be available so remember that your booking is only confirmed once you have heard back from a member of the PIA team.

Contact us for information about our prices


Please read carefully the terms and conditions to which you are agreeing. This booking form is a binding agreement between PIA and the school.

Deposit Payment

We request 50% upfront payment within 10 business days of receipt of your deposit
invoice in order to secure your booking/s.

Your balance invoice will be issued after the performance and is due for settlement
within 10 business days.

Balance Payment

PIA balance invoices are always issued for payment based on the larger number
between your original booking numbers and the actual attendance numbers on the day.

If you have concerns regarding this policy consider revising your booking numbers down by 10-15% on this form before submission. The school is liable to make any payments by due dates.

Contact Teachers and student numbers

It is the booking teachers responsibility to ensure student numbers are accurate,
payment is organised and the school is notified of the booked activities.

If a booking teacher leaves the school, it is their responsibility to inform PIA of a new contact.


Must be made in writing to PIA. Please email

If a cancellation is made with more than 8 school weeks to the performance (not
counting school holidays) the school will forfeit their deposit

If a school has not paid their deposit in this time frame it will need to be paid as a cancellation fee at this stage.

If a cancellation request is received with less than 8 school weeks to the performance date (not counting school holidays) your school is liable to pay the full value of the booking in total.

Cancellations by PIA will result in rescheduling at a mutually agreed time and PIA shall refund any payment made by the school if this cannot be accommodated.


If you need to reschedule the date of your booking, the request must be made in writing to PIA at

If your request to reschedule is received with less than 8 school weeks to the
performance date (not counting school holidays): Your school will be charged a fee of $300 if a new date can be agreed upon, OR If a new mutually agreed upon date cannot be met and you elect to cancel your booking your school will be liable to pay the full value of the booking in total.

PIA will endeavour to accommodate requests for changes but reserve the right to retain original arrangements and charge the full value of the booking in total if this cannot be achieved.

NB: monies paid/owed to PIA for bookings in 2018 are not transferable to performances in other years.