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Poetry In Action is now available digitally! View our available shows below and get individual access by clicking the button. Group experiences also available — contact us to find out more.

Poetry In Action is now available digitally! View our available shows below and get individual access by clicking the button. Group experiences also available — contact us to find out more.

Elements of Rhymepsd
the Elements of rhyme
Years 7-8 

Returning to our 2020 repertoire due to overwhelming demand is this hugely entertaining performance by Australian Writer’s Guild Award winner Caleb Lewis.

This show takes your students on a wild, funny and occasionally ludicrous ride! In the depths of Poet Town, the new kid Tempest is humiliated in a very public rap battle by the baddest bad boy roaming the streets - Byron. Determined that she won’t be defeated again, her new friend Sylvia takes her on a weird and wonderful journey to learn about: rhyme, rhythm, imagery, narrative and theme.

A beautifully balanced piece that will have you laughing hysterically and experiencing the extraordinary capabilities of the poetic form. Not one to miss!

Everyone in Poet-town knows the 5 elements! Rhyme, Rhythm, Imagery, Narrative and Theme.

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inter-national anthem
Years 8 - 9

Set in the crucial last few minutes of a flamboyant and ostentatious International Poetry Extravaganza, our performers are desperately trying to decide on which poem to choose to truly represent Australia on a world stage..

This alternately whacky and touching show engages your students with an incredible range of both Australian and international poetry. We contrast Australian poetry from Indigenous perspectives, migrant poets and modern writers with international poetry from New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

This fun and innovative comedic showdown will leave your students enlightened, inspired and laughing.

We’re all pilgrims searching for the promised land

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words of war
Years 9 - 10 

Performed every year since 2006, Words of War seems only to grow in relevance each year. It’s back once again in 2020 to bring life to the world and works of Wilfred Owen. This captivating show reverberates with passion, humour and heartbreak.

This performance follows the life and works of Owen and the influences that led him to become one of the most striking and brilliant voices of his era. This dynamic show takes you through the horror, hopelessness and heroism of conflict; we examine people’s attitudes to war and how, through his poetry, we can come to a better understanding of war today.

Includes the poems: Spring Offensive, Dulce Et Decorum Est, Mental Cases, A Whispered Tale (Siegfried Sassoon), Disabled, Futility, Parable of the Old Man and The Young, Anthem for Doomed Youth and Last Post (Carol Ann Duffy).

I’m not concerned with poetry. My subject is war and the pity of war. The poetry is in the pity.

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riots & revolutions
Years 10 - 12

The people are protesting! A massive crowd is waiting outside and only you have the power to unite them. What will you say? How will you avoid a riot? Or is that something you want?

More than ever, young people are using their voices to change the world.

Riots and Revolutions examines great speeches and poetry from world history, film, theatre and more to enlighten students on the rhetorical techniques used to construct an inspiring movement and either advocate or protest.

This show will give students a clear understanding of how words have had the power to change the world in the past and how they can change the world today.



What will you say when it’s your time to speak?


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